Oyster Bar

Oyster Bar Menu (subject to seasonal changes)

The Longstocking Oyster Bar boasts the plumpest, freshest, creamiest oysters that are farmed locally in the pristine waters of the Sapphire Coast! Our backyard is famous for our oyster industry and we can’t think of anything more exquisite on the foodie front than a cold craft beer and a plate of fresh oysters!

1 Dozen oysters natural $28

1 Dozen oysters Kilpatrick $33

1 Dozen oysters Three Cheese with toasted breadcrumbs $33

1 Dozen oysters Wakame $33
(Pickled seaweed with sesame seeds and chilli)

1 Dozen oysters Champagne $33
(Pickled ginger, chives and Champagne)

1 Dozen oysters Gunpowder $33
(Gunpowder gin and orange segment)

1 Dozen oysters Nam Jim $33
(Nam Jim sauce with crushed cashews)

All available in ½ dozen