Four passionate people who have come together with seamless transition. The perfect combination of talents, careers and vision endeavouring to create the perfect craft beer experience. Oh and we LOVE a beer or two…

Peter – His first job was in a flour mill, working with purely malted grains for breweries and bakeries. Of late, 25 years in Food manufacture, product development and quality assurance.
A Lavender farmer dabbling in distillation who has now come full circle with all of his attributes, bought a brewery and put his life skills to work where they now belong.

Simon – He first learnt the art of fermentation at the tender age of 15 in a school biology lesson where he was warned “Not to try this at home” Thankfully he did, starting out with “Bucket Cider” and graduating through to quality all-grain beer. Having grown up and travelled throughout Europe and the southern hemisphere he has been able to taste and learn from some of the finest in the world.

Joey – A career spanning 35 years in Hospitality. Owning and operating two acclaimed restaurants and teaching Food and Beverage for 20 years. French provincial food being her specialty which she learned from 5 years living in France.

Emily – Our local dynamo! Em has joined our team to look after our administration (and us). She runs our office like a well-oiled machine and keeps us on our toes. She frequently manages front of house and we cannot do without her.