Our Team

Peter – His first job was in a flour mill, working with purely malted grains for breweries and bakeries. Of late, 25 years in Food manufacture, product development and quality assurance. A Lavender farmer dabbling in distillation who has now come full circle with all of his attributes, bought a brewery and put his life skills to work where they now belong.

Joey – A career spanning 35 years in Hospitality. Owning and operating two acclaimed restaurants and teaching Food and Beverage for 20 years. French provincial food being her specialty which she learned from 5 years living in France.

Matt – Matt started getting interested in home brewing at age 16 brewing extract kits with his step Dad, whilst working in bars and breweries for 10 years he developed a love for craft beer. Having the opportunity to now be brewing beer at Longstocking so close to home is a dream come true! Matt joined our team full time in March 21 after spending time with us in a part time capacity. He has bought to our brewery fresh eyes, a professional touch and an exemplary knowledge of brewing. Matt takes us into our new 1000 litre system and our new brewery. We love Matt!

Ben has always had a passion for making people happy and bringing the good vibes to were ever he is working or playing his music . He has run a number of successful businesses including a cafe / restaurant with his beautiful wife , were he gained many hospitality skills in the kitchen and front of house.

The stars have finally aligned for Ben when he joined the team at Longstocking where he can be found most days, behind the bar, cooking a pizza, doing staff training , managing events , or canning beers. Some days he even makes a special guest appearance in his band playing a gigs for our guests.

Ben has found his home here at Longstocking Brewery

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