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At Longstocking we pride ourselves on brewing the freshest beers, with a wide range of flavours, with something to suit everyone, no matter what you like. Forget about those inner city craft brewers full of hipsters, our beers are brewed with real people in mind, so you can come and enjoy yourself and some of our beers.

Below is a list of some or our most popular beers, but we like to keep it fresh so we are always bringing out new beers.

Style and Brewers Notes
Sapphire Coast Ale – 3.5%
This classic mid strength ale is as refreshing as walking on one of the Sapphire Coast’s pristine beaches. Light in alcohol but full in flavour from the malts and Citra and Galaxy hops. Refresh your taste buds!

Enjoy: If you want to be able to enjoy a few with out worrying about how you will feel after, our Sapphire Coast Mid Strength Ale is for you
Pilsner Lager – 4.5%
This German style lager is sparkling, bright and radiant. It has a smooth clean canvas that captures the flavours of Tettnanger and Saaz hops.

Enjoy: If you like a Great Northern or a VB, you will like our Pilsner and it’s great to knock back on a summer day in our beer garden.
Pale Ale – 4.6%
Only the best pale ale grains are used, with the small addition of Vienna and Munich malts. Balanced with a great hop profile of Cascade, Galaxy, Simcoe and another hidden gem!

Enjoy: If you like a James Squires Fifty Lashes or a Stone and Wood Pacific Ale, give our Pale Ale a try
XPA – 4.5%
Nestled comfortably in between our Pale Ale and IPA, this extra pale ale features a fruity hop flavour profile and light golden colour. Zappa hops give passionfruit, spice and tropical fruit flavours.

Enjoy: If you like Balter XPA, give ours a go. It’s fresh, tasty, tangy and not too hoppy.
IPA – 6.5%
A balanced American style IPA. Toasted caramel malt flavours compliment the piney, citrusy and hop bitterness. Dry hopped with Mosaic and Citra.

Enjoy: If you like your beers hoppy and juicy, our IPA is for you. Packed full of American hops
Vienna Lager – 4.7%
Soft but elegant malt complexity come through in this classic Vienna Lager. Firm bread and biscuit notes from quality Vienna malts. This beer has a clean and crisp finish.

Enjoy: If you like a darker beer, or something a bit sweeter our Vienna Lager is made for you.
Irish Red Ale – 4.8%
A malt forward ale for lovers of traditional “British” style beers. Rich caramel and biscuit notes merge beautifully, only to give way to toasted notes of roast barley. A balanced addition of Mosaic hops provides a touch of fruity aromatics to make this classic even more sessional.

Enjoy: If you don’t like bitterness in your beers, try our Irish Red Ale. It’s great when the weather gets cooler and goes great with meaty meals. The lower ABV means you can enjoy a few too.
Dark Ale – 4.8%
Dark roasted barley with hints of coffee, smoked cherrywood malts and fuggle hops. Originating more than 150 years ago, fuggle hops add an extra earthy and woody characteristic to the beer.
Irish Stout – 5.2%
A classic yet simple recipe that typifies the creamy smooth texture and the roasted malt flavours, perfect year-round.

Enjoy: Guinness is the most popular beer in the UK for a reason and it’s an Irish Stout just like ours. If you like flavours or Coffee and Chocolate, this beer is for you and because of it’s lower ABV, you can enjoy a few.
Espresso Porter – 5%
This porter has been specially brewed using the acclaimed Wild Rye Bakeries espresso. This rich and decedent milk porter contains a specially roasted blend of Wild Rye’s coffee. When neighbours get together, great things happen.

Enjoy: Like you coffee? Well you are going to love our Espresso Porter
Ginger Beer – 3.5%
This delightful refreshing favourite doesn’t hold back on flavour. The first mouthful has a distinct punch of real ginger.

Enjoy: Don’t like regular beer? That’s fine, our Ginger Beer is for you. Easy drinking and only 1 std drink.
Apple and Rhubarb Cider – 3.5%
A dry and crisp finish reminiscent of a clear sparkling jewel. Best served with ice and a slice of orange.   

Enjoy: Don’t like beer or ginger? Well our Apple and Rhubarb cider is for you. It’s one of our most popular drinks so it must be good.  
Pear Cider – Available Seasonally
This sensational lightly sparkling example of a Pear or Perry Cider captures the golden fresh colours of ripe pears with a medium sweet taste. Serve with Ice and a sprig of bruised rosemary.

Not sure where to start? Why not try one of our Tasting Paddles. Our small paddles include your choice of 4 different beers for $10 or you can try a large paddle with 10 beers for just $25

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