Proving to be very popular on the Sapphire Coast already, we have been asked for some more details about this new brew, so here goes.


This Lager originates from its’ namesake. Vienna is the capital city of Austria. Originally developed by Anton Dreher, the style is nearly extinct in its’ birthplace, but is now predominately being brewed in Mexico after being introduced by Austrian migrants in the 1800’s.


A more malt forward lager brewed through with Crystal Medium, Munich Light and of course Vienna and a light sprinkling of Pilsner malts make this 4.7% Vienna Lager comes to life with firm bread and biscuit notes finishing crisp thanks to the Weihenstephaner yeast strain.

Local Ryefield whole cone Saaz hops are used for a delicate, refreshing bitterness and Styrian Goldings used for a mildly earthy and peppery knockout.