The New Beer is now on tap

We all know it’s Winter here on the Sapphire Coast, but doesn’t it still feel a bit like Summer somedays!

So we have created a refreshing Cranberry and Lime Gose (pronounced goes-ah)

We’ve kettle soured this wheat beer with lactobacillus brevis strain and finished it up in the fermenter with US-05 dry ale yeast, 5kg of whole cranberries, fresh limes, oranges and homegrown coriander seed.

For the hops we used the fabulous whole cone Saaz Ryefield hops from Bemboka, then the pure Murray River rock salt.

Dry, sour, tart, citrus notes with a balanced salty bite.

The colour …….. sensational and all at 4.2% ABV.

We don’t have the space to say enough about this very special first addition to our new experimental six week project.

Watch this space!